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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Paddle boarding, or stand up paddling (SUP), has become the hottest new sport on the water, and now is the fastest growing paddle sport in the world. The sport has recently been revived from its roots in Hawaii by surfing legend Laird Hamilton, and has taken the paddling and surfing world by storm. Paddle boarding is a hybrid between surfing and paddling sports; the boards are high tech, light surfboards of a traditional longboard design, used with a canoe-style paddle of 5-6 feet in length.

Sorobon Beach Resort is now offering this sport at its Resort! Our location is perfect for paddleboards, where our calm lagoon/bay is perfect for learning the easy skills necessary to control a board. Stand up paddle boarding is easy for everybody to learn, young and old, ideal as a family activity. For honeymooners this is a very relaxed way of doing something active and paddle away to a romantic spot.