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Luxury All Inclusive at Sorobon Luxury Resort

Experience the epitome of indulgence with the new luxury all-inclusive concept at Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort, nestled by the natural salt bay of Bonaire, renowned as one of the world’s top windsurfing spots and an exceptional wellness destination.

Our resort offers an unparalleled beachfront haven where our Beach Houses are designed for your utmost comfort and delight.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be enveloped in luxury. Our stylishly decorated Ocean View Beach Houses, seamlessly blending nature and sophistication, provide the perfect sanctuary. Experience unparalleled ocean views from your exclusive Beach House, the sprawling beach, or our Reefbar right by the water’s edge.

Our Luxury All-Inclusive concept ensures that your stay is completely worry-free. Enjoy gourmet dining experiences, featuring the freshest local ingredients and international flavors. Indulge in premium beverages, including fine wines and handcrafted cocktails, available at our beach bar.

Your Private Paradise

Luxury Beach Houses

Luxury Beach Houses

Private Moments

Private Moments

The Best Food

The Best Food

Stunning Views

Stunning Views

What’s included


  • Breakfast ( 8 – 10 AM)
  • Breakfast Bites (10 – 12 AM)
  • Lunch (12 – 16PM)
  • Bites (12 -18 PM)
  • Diner (18- 22 PM)
  • Late night snack (22 – 23 PM) 
  • Wine selection
  • Beer selection
  • All sodas
  • All smoothies
  • All coffees
  • Selection of spirit + spirits mix
  • Selection of cocktails

All Inclusive Rates

Guests of Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort can select the option to make use of an All-inclusive formula. This option should be selected by all guests residing in the same accommodation for the whole stay. The Luxury All Inclusive is valid for bookings from 1 December 2024.

The rates for the all-inclusive formula are as following:

0 up to 3 years

  Free of charge

4 up to 11 years

  $60,- per person, per day

12 up to 16 years

  $95,- per person, per day

as of 17 years

  $200,- per person, per day