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A unique luxury beach resort on the charming Antillean island Bonaire

With a rich history spanning over 20 years, Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort Bonaire invites those who seek unspoiled enjoyment in nature and a profound love for serenity. Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort is nestled by the natural salt bay of Bonaire,
renowned as one of the world’s top windsurfing spots and an exceptional wellness destination. Discover yourself immersed in beauty and adventure during your next unforgettable holiday!

Beautiful Beach Houses right on the Shoreline

Built directly on Sorobon beach, our Beach Houses breathe a relaxed yet chic beach vibe. Staying in one of our Beach Houses gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Sorobon and its surroundings. Most of the accommodations offer ocean views! Enjoy the spacious terraces and fully equipped, comfortable interiors with your loved ones. We offer various options for singles, couples, or large families.

How to get to Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort on Bonaire

While Bonaire is near Venezuela and Curacao, it is not accessible by ferry or boat. The only way to reach the island is by air. Bonaire is served by one airport, known as the International Flamingo Airport.

How to get to Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort on Bonaire

Even though Bonaire is so close to Venezuela and Curacao, it is not accessible by ferry nor by boat, so your only way of getting to the island is via air. Bonaire has one airport called the International Flamingo Airport.

Our Packages

Reef Bar

Come experience the charm of the freshly renewed Reef Bar at Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort in Bonaire – the island’s coolest spot. With its stunning setting by the crystal-clear waters, it’s now the most beautiful and fun place to be. Reef Bar offers a little bit of everything – from tasty breakfasts to cool drinks and fancy cocktails. And here’s the best part: you can feast on lobster, sip on top-notch French wines, or have a nice dinner, a light lunch, or just chill on a beach bed with a fantastic view.More than just a bar, Reef Bar is where good food, good drinks, and good times come together. So, whether you’re into delicious meals or simply soaking up the island vibes, Reef Bar has got you covered. Join us at Reef Bar and make your time in Bonaire even better – where the beauty of the place meets delicious food and laid-back moments.

Drinks at Reefbar Sorobon Luxury Beach Resort

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